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        Nantong Suzhong Construction Co., Ltd. since October 1997 has been out of the country for almost twenty years, in October 1997 we went to the world's few poor countries in Africa Sudan to undertake main civil construction of Khartoum refinery Co. Which is jointly developed by China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation and Sudanese refinery Bureau, including office buildings, shift apartments, hospitals, canteens, central control room, power plants, warehouses, service stations, fire stations, etc. this project is the first large-scale projects for China petroleum and Natural gas Corporation develops abroad. Nantong Suzhong Construction Co., Ltd. through this project trained a group of foreign construction management backbone, and later in overseas construction and long-term future, we have laid a solid foundation in overseas contracted projects for us.

December 31, 1999, our company was officially registered in Republic of Sudan, we have become the first company to contract overseas project registered in foreign countries of Hai'an, now we have achieved contracting foreign projects qualification certificate approved by the Ministry of Commerce, but also made a foreign aid project construction qualification certificate (the highest level).

So far, the company has undertaken Sudan Khartoum refinery for all civil engineering projects and Chinese apartments and Sudanese apartments in Khartoum, Sudan Khartoum Petroleum Co. plant and apartment projects, civil engineering projects of Niger Zinder refinery, Chad Ndjamena refinery projects, west-east gas project in Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan pressurizing station project, South Sudan oil region Block 3 and Block 7 area water stations and power plant project, CPECC headquarters in South Sudan and Zhongnan Hotel and other projects. South Sudan oil region Block 3 and Block 7 area water station project won the 2013 China Luban Prize; Niger Zinder refinery project won the construction quality of high-quality gold prize awarded by China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation; Chad N'Djamena Refinery project won national quality project award.

Construction projects currently in progress are Sudan pharmaceutical building and warehouse buildings; China Northern International Company in South Sudan for the camps; Chad oilfield 2.2 Ground facilities civil engineering projects; civil work of nuclear power plant project in Karachi, Pakistan,  .

Our overseas projects within two decades has been uphold the integrity of management, quality first, safety first, when approaching to every country, our company is given high evaluation from the owners of all of our countries. Over the years we fought to oil infrastructure in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Niger, Russia, Namibia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and other countries for the residential housing construction, roads and bridges engineering, steel works, piping and pressure vessel engineering, power lines and facilities engineering, nuclear power engineering. Owing to be skilled and proficient in the various fields of engineering construction, we firmly believe that a concept, not the best, only to be better, to create fine works of foreign projects and establish human Nantong Suzhong international brands, serious making each one to represent their image gilt inscription sheet. Construction workers from out of the country since we go abroad, the number has been risen to 8000 (except outside the county and local people), which promotes the local economy and provides a strong support.

With the country strategy "One Belt and One Road" and further implementation, China's team which is out of the country becomes more and more, we have to increase the foreign market due to the market increasingly fierce competition in China's team. For this trend, we have made feasible methods. First, we increase the existing market management and control, in the consolidation of the existing market, based on the expanding market for our company development prospects, key development objectives in Iraq, Sudan, Uganda, Israel, because these countries have good prospects , an have larger follow-up development space. Second, good use of the local people, the role of local people to make people localization, reduce construction costs and improve economic efficiency. Third, to strengthen contract management and contract performance, and pay taxes, obey business law, to prevent the occurrence of economic disputes, so that enterprises can be able to maintain a good reputation and relationships in the market. Fourth, to strengthen management and training for the construction workers outside country, and constantly improve the management ability to adapt to foreign construction and operational level to ensure that my company can undertake the project in a business schedule, quality, safety and environmental protection, so that the owners can be satisfied to achieve a win-win goal.


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