Zang Zhenghua, chairman of the company coordinate "One Belt and One Road" strategy to accept newspap

Talking "One Belt and One Road", Zang Zhenghua, chairman of Nantong Suzhong Construction Co., Ltd. Has the deepest feelings: " majority of overseas projects we undertake are located  along One Belt and One Road, we can say that we are the earliest participants and beneficiaries of One Belt and One Road, but also experience strategic significance and value. "

18 years sword. From "borrowed boat" to stand firm, independent sail Nantong Suzhong Construction Co.,Ltd. in the "three-step" strategy successfully open 8 overseas markets, currently form a relatively stable foreign market, acquired a relatively mature and stable is composed of five hundred people formed the "foreign Legion building," undertake overseas projects more than 200 within 18 years, with a pass rate of 100%.

Back in 1997, Nantong Suzhong Construction Co.,Ltd. took the initiative in response to the national energy strategy in itself "going out" the condition is inherent in the use of the relationship in Sinkiang for many years with the oil sector deal, "borrowed boat", homeopathy rely on oil this big ship into the African Sudan and construction of oil refining bases, participated in the "Khartoum refinery," a civil engineering construction tasks, which is the first step out of the country.

Foreign operations, long distances, if we "shot for a place", not only in the presence of a lot of inconvenience to mobilize teams, transfers of funds, project management, etc., but also not conducive to achieve contract engineering tasks and economic benefits. Moving steadily to consolidate positions. Nantong Suzhong Construction Co.,Ltd. takes Sudan as "base" to overcome the limited nature of defects and dispersion of resources used, the advantages of pooling resources through the depth of the development, make penetration and expansion to public works and South Sudan oil fields. In addition to the construction of the refinery the second phase expansion project of civil engineering, power plants and also undertake a power plant in Sudan and Merowe 500KV transmission station construction and civil engineering tasks of southern oilfield pumping, achieving the initial stable market return. Incorporation of companies in Sudan, to achieve a "foothold" in the second strategic objective.

Tasted the sweetness of "going out" strategy, Nantong Suzhong Construction Co.,Ltd. got projects, including South Sudan comprehensive building 7800 square meters of civil construction work, the contract amount of $ 21 million of Sudan reconstruction and development fund construction tasks in eastern Sudan, Cambodia hydropower construction project and Uzbekistan "natural gas" compressor stations labor subcontracting tasks, develop Niger and Chad new markets, complete the construction of civil engineering construction task Kindel Niger and Chad N'Djamena refinery.

"Borrowed boat" is only a means to achieve independence overseas operations, better opening up international markets is the goal. In the process of cooperation with major companies in the oil and construction, Nantong Suzhong Construction Co.,Ltd adhere to take foreign construction markets and the construction site as a foreign business "first class", on the basis of quality and quantity to complete the task, combined with the construction practice, study abroad construction management experience, and explore foreign business law, preferably completed by the domestic to foreign, by relying the partners to completely rely basically independent business transition.

So far, the company has accumulated more than 30,000 people to go abroad for construction, has won one Luban Prize, two national best projects, awarded "signing with abroad country right" and the Ministry of Commerce approved the "A-class Complete Foreign Aid Projects eligible for the implementation of enterprise" qualification. In recent years, overseas construction output has reached 100 million US dollars in size.

With the implementation of "one belt and one road" strategy, Nantong Suzhong seizes the opportunity, takes the initiative as an effort to expand opening up new space. This year, the company leadership has gone to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and other countries in-depth research, looking for new opportunities for cooperation and projects, reached a preliminary cooperation intention. Major projects in hand are Sudan Kasala and Galarif Projects, Khartoum refinery road, Sudan hotels decoration, CMC medicine warehouse and so on. Upon completion of Uzbekistan "West-East" C-line part of the project, the company has started bidding the D-line, following the 2,3-Uzbekistan natural gas pipeline compressor station project. “’one belt and one road’ strategy fit a powerful 'engine' for the development of enterprises, we will use this as a springboard to further enhance their core competitiveness, to seize more overseas markets in the new round of development, and strive to foreign contracted projects the annual output value exceeded $ 150 million, $ 200 million sprint, opening up three to four new overseas markets, to contribute more to the economic development for Hai’an County”.         Chairman ZangZhenghua   said.                                                                

 Author: Wu Jin

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