Leadership of Business Bureau of Nantong City and Hai’an County research our company of the situatio

July 31, Nantong City and Hai'an County Business Council leadership to our  company, made a research of situation of the first half opening up overseas markets and the situation "one belt and one road" strategic implementation plan.

This year, our company takes the initiative to coordinate national "one belt and one road" strategy, in response to the county government plans to actively increase our overseas market development efforts, based on the original nearly 20 years to open up overseas markets, actively seek cooperation projects, and vigorously expand overseas development new space.

Back in 1997, I took the initiative in response to the national energy strategy, and actively "borrowed boat", following national petroleum company into the African, Sudan construction of oil refining bases, has assumed the fist and second phase of "Khartoum refinery company", key projects in southern Sudan oil field and more than 80% of the civil foundation construction task. Subsequently, company went into the country of Niger, Chad, as well as Russia, Uzbekistan, took on infrastructure over five refineries and other large size of more than 200 military, civil engineering construction tasks, and participate in Uzbekistan - Sinkiang "West East gas Pipeline "building construction project in C line. In the southern capital Juba also set up Zhongnan hotel." Within 18 years, accumulate construction value of nearly $ 500 million, a total of 30,000 construction crew abroad, and has won a Luban Prize, two national best project title, also received the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, "Foreign contract rights" and "A class of Foreign aid to overseas countries qualification, "and as an opportunity to start independent of foreign contracted projects to overseas in recent years, annual construction output value has reached $ 100 million in size.

Construction points of above items are located in the line of "one belt and one road", and can say that we have an objective in the "one belt and one road" on early intervention and participation, made a useful exploration and achieved certain results, not only achieve good economic benefits, but also bring out the domestic technology, human resources, materials and machinery and equipment sold abroad, and personally experience the meaning and value of "one belt and one road" strategy.

With the implementation of the national "one belt and one road" strategy, the more we see new opportunities for future outreach and seek wider cooperation space. Next, we will make good use of this rare historical opportunity to actively explore new export-oriented development ideas, use "one belt and one road" radiation and the corresponding policies, initiative to seek cooperation projects, and actively participate in a wider range of international bidding. This year, the relevant leaders has gone to Iraq, Uzbekistan, Israel and other countries in-depth research, looking for new opportunities for cooperation and projects. 2015 has major projects in hand: 苏丹卡萨拉 and coffee Darui Fu Texas Project, Khartoum refinery road, Sudan hotels decoration, CMC pharmaceutical warehouse, office and living Juba South Sudan CPECC base, traffic engineering, hotels and SOUTH Chad BAOBAB oil field project. Upon completion of Uzbekistan "West-East" C line on the part of the project, it has started bidding D line, the construction of the Ukrainian gas pipeline compressor station No. 2, 3, touch works, and strive for more projects . We will respond positively to the county government's instructions, make good use of this rare opportunity for development, make persistent efforts, the annual output value and strive to foreign contracted projects from the current $ 100 million to grow to $ 150 million effort to enhance their core competitiveness, a new development round of overseas seize more market share, for the country "one belt and one road" strategy to make new and greater contributions.Major projects in hand are Sudan Kasala and Galarif Projects, Khartoum refinery road, Sudan hotels decoration, CMC medicine warehouse and so on. Upon completion of Uzbekistan "West-East" C-line part of the project, the company has started bidding the D-line, following the 2,3-Uzbekistan natural gas pipeline compressor station project. “’one belt and one road strategy fit a powerful 'engine' for the development of enterprises, we will actively response the call of government, further enhance core competitiveness, to seize more overseas markets in the new round of development, and strive to foreign contracted projects the annual output value exceeded $ 150 million, $ 200 million sprint, opening up three to four new overseas markets, to contribute more to the economic development of national "one belt and one road" strategy.

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