Seminar on the management of accounts receivable recycling of construction enterprises in Nanjing by
       In recent years, with the country to increase infrastructure investment and accelerate the construction of urbanization, the scale of the construction industry has been an unprecedented expansion. But with the local government debt continued to increase and the real estate situation since the beginning of this year, the real estate situation is sluggish and other factors, the construction enterprise funds back to face unprecedented challenges. To effectively improve the construction enterprise the level of accounts receivable management, November 27 to 28, China Association of construction enterprise management in Nanjing held construction enterprises accounts receivable should be recycling practice management seminar, from construction enterprises 277 enterprises responsible for and finance, legal, market operation Department responsible person to attend the seminar. China Construction Enterprise Management Association, vice president and Secretary General Li Hongqing to be mobilized, the Construction Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, Gao Xuebin, President of the meeting to speak. Jiangsu Construction Industry Association Deputy Secretary General long caiweijie, China Association of construction enterprise management training department director Ma Yubao attended the opening ceremony and the commencement of the ceremony by Ma Yubao presided over the meeting.
The seminar, China Association of construction enterprise management invited the domestic construction industry renowned legal experts, financial experts, thematic explanation should be the strategy practice of accounts receivable, to help enterprises to master how to use legal means to solve engineering project claims, rights, settlement and payment and a series of problems, protect the interests of enterprises from or less affected by the loss. Since the seminar to meet the current practice of the enterprise, the teacher lectures rich and varied, by the participants of the consensus.
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