China Construction Industry Association requires member companies to carry out ten key self inspecti
To conscientiously implement the spirit of the national engineering quality control two action television and telephone conference, China Construction Industry Association recently issued "on conscientiously implement the deployment of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development" the engineering quality control two actions "notice", requiring all member enterprises in accordance with the deployment of action plans and activities, and actively carry out publicizing implementation, especially pay close attention to carry out governance in the implementation of the inspection, checking and correcting themselves. To by carrying out a series of activities to promote the comprehensive implementation of quality lifelong responsibility system, crack down on subcontracting and other illegal activities, improve the quality supervision mechanism, enhance the level of engineering quality.
China Construction Association in the notice of the construction enterprises in the quality management action to carry out self-examination of the ten key content and work. These ten priorities are:
A, attention of leaders and learning publicizing housing telephone conference spirit and the leadership of the Ministry of indication, full mobilization, to create an atmosphere, quickly the quality of the projects carried out special rectification work;
Second, control of housing "building engineering construction subcontracting illegal sub bag and other illegal behavior identified to investigate management approach (Trial)" (built city [2014]118), before the end of October this year, to carry out self-examination and self there is no Construction Subcontract, illegal sub package, link and transfer, loan quality and other violations, find and correct its existing problems, and according to the requirements of the relevant documents to the local report to the competent department of self-examination and self correction;
Third, control construction Department of the construction project manager responsibility for the quality and safety of ten regulations (Trial) ", self-examination and self project manager whether to perform their duties in place to live.
Four, construction engineering construction, the construction of the legal representative of the unit whether to sign authorization, clear the unit project manager; project manager is in the process of engineering quality supervision procedures signed engineering quality lifelong responsibility undertaking; person in charge of the project such as a replacement, whether in accordance with the provisions for change;
Five, to strengthen the modernization of the construction industry research, to start fast and achieved initial results and experience to be summed up;
Six, enterprises to carry out the construction of good faith system, there is no bad record;
Seven, in accordance with the on to further strengthen and improve the construction labor management guidance "(built city [2014] No. 112) requirements, enterprise culture in workers, rights protection, labor management, quality and safety management, whether the implementation of the main responsibility; whether for service personnel for the real name system management, do pre service staff training, assurance certificates;
Eight, enterprise quality management whether in accordance with the requirements of the engineering construction enterprise quality management standards "(GB / T 50430) established the effective operation of the quality management system; and should be in before the end of October this year to develop programs, clear quality special governance roadmap and the overall goal, Jie Duanmu standard to implement the responsibility, resource allocation, phased implementation, and strengthen the process control, continuous improvement, to ensure the effect;
Nine, residential construction influence use function and the perception of quality defects, such as leakage, cracks and in plumbing, electrical, energy-saving insulation and other common quality problems should be as the focus of this special rectification, and by carrying out QC group activities, meticulous planning, construction, fine, scientific management and strict implementation of the provisions of the mandatory provisions of the, to achieve the desired effect;
Ten, through the common quality problems of governance project to carry out internal and external friction activities, communication, learning, application advanced quality control technology and management methods, adhere to both the market and spot linkage, technology and management, quality behavior and engineering entity quality together grasp, the full implementation of the model system, implementation of user acceptance of the provisions, build quality and special treatment demonstration project.
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