Jiangsu vigorously promote the construction of industrialization and information technology to promo
Construction industrialization and information technology is an important measure of the transformation and development of the construction industry. It is the direction and trend of the development of the construction industry in the new era. At present, the construction industry of Jiangsu Province transformation and development entered a critical stage, to accelerate the industrialization of construction and development of information technology, is conducive to enhancing the construction industry technical level and management level, improve the construction engineering and management efficiency. To conscientiously implement the provincial government on promoting the modernization of the construction industry, promote the construction industry transformation and upgrading of the comments "(Su Jian (2014) No. 111) the spirit of the document, on December 18, Provincial Department of housing and urban construction in Nantong Haimen city held two of the province's construction industry integrate of the scene view of friction and the exchange of experience, part of the province's leading backbone enterprises responsible person to attend the meeting.
Glodon group, the experts at the meeting information construction industry development trends and hot issues of the interpretation of the analysis, Central South Building, Longxin construction, Nantong Construction and Gold Mantis decoration enterprises on how to implement the industrialization of construction engineering project, how to use information technology to strengthen the internal management of enterprises, project management and improving enterprise operational efficiency, expand space for development, extend the industrial chain exchanges, the delegates also visited the South group using information technology implementation of process management of engineering project, Longxin building, South building was investigated using NPC construction site technical and PC processing plant construction and operation.
Meeting, the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction Deputy inspection Ji Xun pointed out, in November this year, the provincial government issued the on promoting the modernization of the construction industry, and promote the construction industry transformation and upgrading of the comments ". This is moving toward industrialization and informationization of construction industry the opportunity, industry to seize the opportunity, grasp the spirit of a document, planning the direction of future development of enterprises. Should make full use of information technology promotes the building industry in survey and design, construction and production, such as operation and maintenance link information level, accelerate the latest achievement in the field of promotion information, increase the building information model (BIM) technology, intelligent technology, virtual simulation technology, information integrated technology in the construction industry research and development, application and promotion, promote the integration of the development of the construction industry and informatization; to enhance the enterprises capability of independent innovation as soon as possible the formation of design technology, construction technology of production product, construction, assembly and integration technology refined residential technology with independent intellectual property rights of the core technology. To speed up the training of personnel, to carry out the modernization of the construction industry knowledge training, as soon as possible to grasp the relevant frontier knowledge, improve the level of scientific management and technology. In particular, to increase the training and education of the workers. To strengthen the construction enterprise mechanism and institutional innovation, the system innovation to promote the modernization of construction enterprise management.
In charge of the leadership of the Municipal Construction Bureau (Commission) under the jurisdiction of the provinces of building county (city, district), township of the Building Construction Bureau in charge of the leadership attended the meeting.
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