Xinghua Jiangsu to accelerate the pace of the construction of the modernization of the construction
December 25th afternoon, deputy director of the provincial housing and urban construction department Xu Xuejun, deputy inspector Ji Xun made a special trip to Xinghua city to study the construction industry modernization, and listen to the local construction industry development and other work situation report.
In recent years, Xinghua City, the construction industry to grab seize opportunity, solid progress, steady development, the spirit of diligent people the purpose of the work, pioneering and enterprising spirit of the work, truth-seeking and pragmatic work style ", promote the local construction industry develop steadily, and create a new situation. The city made it clear during 45 declared a "building strong city", promoted a premium quality enterprises, striving for a "Lubanjiang" project and promote a new round of construction industry modernization development of the "four in one" total goal.
Xu Xuejun of Xinghua City, the construction industry in recent years, the rapid development of the acquired achievements to be sure, and local striving for "Luban Prize" and promote a new round of the modernization of the construction industry, put forward six requirements: one is to adhere to the talent training, condense power for the development of construction industry; the second is to adhere to the quality of Societe Generale, increase the national high quality project and standardized site building; the third is to adhere to the brand building and strengthening the fine management, careful operation, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, strengthening method, patent of research and innovation; the fifth is to insist on modern management, speed up the construction industry transformation and upgrading, adhere to the correct organization and leadership, increase efforts to support the government policy.
Ji Xun on the city to declare the construction of strong city (county), and other aspects of the development of enterprises and other aspects of the relevant work, and in light of the characteristics of the construction industry in Xinghua hope.
Xu Xuejun and the line has also visited the Xinghua City, the building of agricultural firms to create the "Luban Award" project construction site, visited the project Department of migrant workers and staff of migrant workers living facilities.
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