This morning, the company organise to carry out “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building, chairman ZangZhengHua delivered an important speech.
     July 31, Nantong City and Hai'an County Business Council leadership to our company, made a research of situation of the first half opening up overseas markets and the situation "one belt and one...
     Talking "One Belt and One Road", Zang Zhenghua, chairman of Nantong Suzhong Construction Co., Ltd. Has the deepest feelings: " majority of overseas projects we undertake are located along One Be...
     Er dos Municipal Committee, mayor of Dongsheng district and other leaders and company chairman Mr. Zang and Erdos Hongye group attended the opening ceremony.
     June 18 to 20, Zang Zhenghua, made an inspection in Inner Mongolia branch and Suzhong double love real estate development company. During inspections, inspect Hohhot, Wulanchabu and Ordos site. put ...
     February 27, the third branch of all management staff of nearly 100 people gathered in Ordos, under the branch manager Mr. Wang Senlin, was centralized annual training, made a “efforts, dedication, ...
     January 31, the company held its first Spring forum of scientific and technological work chaired by Mr.Luo, the branch technical backbone participate. Chief engineer Mr.Hua made a brief summary on t...
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